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Knowledge Hook

A premium feature for knowledgehook’s tool to increase student engagement in class and help teachers facilitate an interactive teaching session.

Knowledgehook is an instructional tool that empowers Math teachers to deliver a classroom learning experience in a fun gamified manner.
The Problem

Problem was regarding lack of student engagement and performance during class


Designed a premium feature for knowledgehook’s tool to increase student engagement in class and help teachers facilitate an interactive teaching session.

Students can upload their work

Teachers can ask students to respond to a question by uploading a personal piece of work.

Point and drag on an image

Students can reflect and respond on a topic or a question asked by the teacher by pointing and dragging a point on an image.

Interact and Draw on a Canvas

Students can interact with a question by drawing on a canvas using the provided markup tool along with a text response

Formative assessments

Teacher can track student understanding through real time formative assessments during the quiz in a way that may be more complete than asking students to raise hands or answer in person.

Design Process

Meet Jessica

As a teacher, I want to understand students prior knowledge and check their understanding with respect to the concept while in a quiz, so that I can instantly assess student responses and focus on the weak areas of concept.

  • Wants to create a strong foundation for students so that they understand Math concepts clearly
  • Wants to get more feedback from students on taught concepts
  • Wants to help students to learn more and engage in an interactive learning process
  • Help students in becoming critical thinkers
  • Wants to provide a space for students to participate in class discussion and not shy away from talking
  • Knowledgehook doesn’t have room for explanation of each step of solving a Math problem.
  • Students want to beat the clock rather than think carefully about the different options.
  • The depth of thinking and the data provided by knowledgehook is not particularly actionable.

“Student engagement is the product of motivation and active learning. It is a product rather than a sum because it will not occur if either element is missing.”

— Elizabeth F. Barkley
Understanding our user Jessica
Questions asked
  • Daily activities with the tool
  • Type of teaching methods
  • Different type of communication, interactions & behaviors
  • Unable to understand a Student’s thought process in class
  • Lack of Class Participation as students were introverts
  • Unable to assess class performance in realtime
Market research to explore different lens

This approach helped us to explore how different products in the market are solving the problem of student engagement while learning in class

  • High interactive UI
  • Shift towards active learning.
  • Communicate in an open ended way
  • Realtime assessment
Understanding how Jessica teaches using knowledgehook
Before the quiz
  • Login as a teacher
  • Create/Select a new activity
  • Introduce class topic/ agenda
  • Initiate a quiz and invite students
During the quiz
  • Start the quiz
  • Present quiz questions
After the quiz
  • Ask verbal questions and start a discussion
  • Student assessment
Reframing the problem

How do we help teachers engage students in classrooms?

Design goals
Ask Right Questions

Teachers should be able to ask right question to increase student engagement

Build Curiosity

Teaching in class should build curiosity among students which will result in new challenge

Think Critically

Students should be able to demonstrate critical thinking while learning.

Tracking users mental model using wireframes
Uploading work to knowledgehook
Interacting and drawing on canvas question UI
Point and drag on image
Retaining the brand
Visual Design
Conducted testing with 24 teachers & shared the designs using InVision Inspect


Of 24 teachers were satisfied Able to engage students in class


Increased customer base